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Dogs available for adoption


[...]


Bobby was rescued after being run-down in the street in early 2016. He had a fracture in one of his


.Rocco was thrown over the fence of the shelter with his sister Era, in July of 2012. (Both availabl


Roche is female, born in July 2011, weighs 7 kilos and measures about 30 cm in height.     .Roche


Lucas is male, born in July 2013, weighs 8 kg and measures 35 cm in height. Lucas has been in the sh


  This is Xena, we named her because she fought like a champion on the street. She arrived with


Baloo is male, born around the beginning of October 2014. He was found in the field along with his b


Anko is male, born around Sept.2013, weighs 8 kg and measures 30 cm in height. Anko is shy, but as s


Joshue is male, born around June 2013, weighs 23 kg and is 53 cm tall. Joshue is very observant and


Noa is female, born in April 2013, weighs 20 kilos and measures 55 cm high. We assume it’s a L

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