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Our Principles

Adopt don’t buy.

 Our reason for asking this is not only to stop Puppy Mills and indiscriminate breeders profiteering from defenceless dogs but also to generate adoptions and offer benefit to dogs  in great need.

Adopters offer so much good to dogs already in the World and would so love a home. The majority of these dogs are loyal, loving and faithful.  Their sad pasts and lack of love encourage them to please you and therefore they learn quickly.


 We support sterilisation as the best method of avoiding unwanted Litters of Pups and the consequential abandonment of these little Souls. They are thrown to the World and sometimes end up run over or taken to a Kill Station.   Also after the surgery they become more stable emotionally and calmer making a very loveable pet.  Dogs are not like humans, once sterilised they do not miss mother or fatherhood but become solely interested in their human families.

Mixed breeds are a Positive

 Mixed breeds are unique!  Each one has characteristics that make them different and makes them “Them”.   Natural selection encourages dogs that are strong,  suffer less genetic illness and live longer.  The love and loyalty of our Mixed breeds can be seen time and time again.

The worth of adopting an Adult

 No puppy chewing and having to cope with endless energy and sleepless nights.  Different to humans Adult dogs learn quicker than Puppies, a big Plus!

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