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Foster Homes

  • How does Foster work?

Offer your home, your time and your love for an unspecified time, could be 3 days, 3 months, just depends on the circumstance, be it until grown, adopted, recovered from illness or anxiety issue.  Ideally in Totana or elsewhere in Murcia to facilitate trips to the Shelter’s vet.  The Shelter will arrange transport if Foster prefers not to take them.  Dogs can go further afield and each case is judged in it’s merits.

  • Why Fostering is so important

It is a LIFELINE for many of our dogs, to be able to recover in loving surroundings.  Without this special care many would die and  would not now be in a loving Forever Home.

  • Dogs and Puppies that need this help

Unweaned Puppies

Puppies under a month old that need extra care through 3 hourly bottle feeding.  Too young to vaccinate so they must live indoors and do toileting there also.  One has to have a lot of time to raise such a youngster.

– Weaned Puppies

A Fosterer needs energy for the little ones as they can be very lively and need coaxing to be polite and obedient.  They should not be in a Shelter or on the street until totally vaccinated.  Lots of work but very worthwhile.

– The Seniors, The Golden Oldies.

These Fosters tend to be long term.  It is so hard for them to be in a Shelter especially with the cold of Winter as they often have a delicate disposition.  The advantage of a Senior is they are calm and at their age come to appreciate comfort very quickly.

Poorly and convalescent dogs

Not usually long term Foster for the dog to become well and return to the Shelter.  Recovery in a comfy home is so much better for them and quicker.

Dogs with anxiety issues

Often mistreated dogs that became frightened and timid. Usually long term but very satisfying to bring a dog back to good mental health so it can go forth in the world with confidence and to a Forever Home.

Any cost involved?

Refugio del Viento/Shelter from the Wind covers all cost associated with vet bills and medication and follow up and assist at every step of the Foster.

 The Sad Goodbye

Many reading this have Fostered and know how hard it is to part with a dog you have helped and see flourish.  To be a Foster is one of the most generous acts a person can make for a Needy dog.  Just try to remember you have given the dog back it’s life and sending it on to a wonderful life without fear or illness.   Then, if the Shelter and it’s dogs are lucky you will do it again for another poor soul.

If you decide to Foster

You will have our continuing support for the duration of the dog’s stay, resolving any problems and answering any doubts you may have.

We are responsible for all Vet care and medication and visits to the Vet.

We will inform you when we receive a request from a possible Adopter.

There will be a contract to be signed by both parties stipulating the above conditions.

If you can help with Fostering or have any questions, please e mail:

 Sharon     (English)


silviacanis@hotmail.con          (Español)

Thank you!!!!

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