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Godparenting a dog

Would you like to be a Godparent to one of our unadopted dogs?

 How does Godparenting work?

 We have dogs that have been waiting in the Shelter to catch someone’s eye and become blessed with their own home.  You can select a dog and treat it as your Godchild,  if you are in the area, you can visit, give it love and treats and and help find a home in your area or if some distance away become it’s Cyber Buddy and help promote the dog through the Internet.

How to become a Godparent

Once you have chosen your Godchild, we ask you fill in a form with your details and indicating an amount you would like to donate to their welfare. This can be paid monthly or annually as you wish and there is no minimum amount, whatever you choose to give will be so appreciated.

The Benefits of Godparenting

 The first of course is the satisfaction and secondly and without doubt knowing you will be giving a dog it’s own unique and special status and helping to maintain them during their Shelter stay.   You will be kept up to date with information of your dog’s progress and photographs will be coming through as well.

We will send you your Godparent Diploma as part of our Big Thank You.

Categories  of dogs that need a Godparent

 *Dogs who have blood tested for Leishmania, these dogs need medicine and sometimes for life.

*Those needing medicine or other treatment for a specified time

*Those needing a surgical procedure, many come to us having been in a road accident after being abandoned,  some come with luxating patellas etc.

*The “Invisible” Ones that have spent much time in the Shelter with no offer of adoption

*Frightened and timid dogs that need behavioural therapy, these poor souls have been badly treated in their past.

If you would like to be a Godparent or have any questions please e mail

Sharon   (English)


Silvia       (Español)

Thank you!!!

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