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Dog Adoption

Please read through, any questions please contact Sharon


This section takes you through the process step by step:

  1. Contact Sharon as above or Silvia by email, they’ll get back to you asap.
  2. Let us know which dog you are interested in and you will be given up to date info. And answer everything you wish to know.
  3. Fill in a short and simple questionnaire so we get to know you better and collect information we will need for your dog’s
  4. If you wish we will telephone you to have a chat and start the ball rolling.
  5. All the dogs are delivered with appropriate vaccinations, with Chip and treated for parasites: fleas and ticks. If the dog is old enough it will be Sterilised/Neutered and in the case of Puppies we will ask for a promise that you will have your Vet do this.  Neutering is so important to avoid unwanted Litters and increase the masses of unwanted dogs abandoned for sacrifice in the Kill Station. The procedure also avoids adult illness such as prostate and breast cancer.  So much better for both owner and adopter, avoiding illness, the stress of a female in Season and achieving a calmer character in the dogs.
  6. We ask that Adopters give a donation to cover cost of Passport (Passport for Pups older than 3 months), Vaccinations, internal and external parasite treatment and in adults cost of sterilisation.
  7. Dogs can be collected from Totana or be sent by Transporter in Spain and to other EU Countries including: England, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Germany etc…
  8. A home check is arranged prior to adoption to check all is suitable for a dog. A home checker will come by prior arrangement to have a chat and check your home and garden is secure.

Once that is completed the dog will be blood tested and prepared for you and transport organised and at that point we ask for the donation to assist cover the financial aspects of preparation.

Please adopt!  Lots of lovely dogs with wagging tails are waiting to catch your eye!



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