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International Adoptions

Adopciones internacionales

By reaching out to the International Community our International adoptions are turning into the most important way for us to gain homes for the dogs.   Of course these adoptions are more complicated and work heavy than those in Spain with more cost through: transport, custom clearance, vet reports, translations and for some countries licenses must be obtained.   This is more complicated for the Shelter NOT for the adopter, everything is organised on your behalf.   The transport cost aspect varies and can be surprisingly inexpensive if the dog can be flown.

You may ask IF it’s so complicated why seek adoptions out of Spain?

The answer is both simple and sad:  There are simply more dogs born in Spain than people wanting to adopt them.

The situation in the area of Totana, Murcia  is at Crisis point,  constantly Litters of up to 10 puppies are being born and all seek homes.  Often these puppies are taken by someone inexperience and they don’t realise that tiny soul will grow into an adult, will need money spent on vaccinations, parasite control and need training etc…..The dog is then abandoned and unless it is brought to the Shelter it will roam free and in the case of females in 6 months will become pregnant …..and The Cycle starts again.

With the Totana Shelter being saturated many dogs are taken by owners to Kill Stations to be sacrificed or abandoned in the countryside to die of thirst and hunger.

 That is why we reach out to the International Community, it’s Help is desperately needed.

  1.  We carry out appropriate vaccination programmes for each country we adopt to.

    Esperando su vuelo en el trasportin
    Waiting their flight
  2. Blood test to assess if a dog has a Mediterranean type disease, if so we will cure that before sending according to the law of individual countries.
  3. Transport by road or air we will organise: To England, Wales, Scotland and France it is normally be Road in a DEFRA registered Vehicle, the Transporter is licenced to carry dogs and obeys strict guidelines on care of the dogs en route. Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany and Holland is normally by air with a flight companion.

Transport cost on Request.

Adoption Fee, to cover cost of preparation of the dog:

Puppies over 4 months, the age at which they can legally travel outside Spain with Passport: €140

Adult dogs with Passport and Sterilised: €190

 Is it worth so much effort to bring about about a Happy Ending through an International Adoption?

 Absolutely a Big Yes!  It gives so much satisfaction to know all the work and time obtained a wonderful and loving home to a dog who had Nothing!  The Adopters are amazing, they sometimes have to wait for available transport and pay more than for a domestic adoption but we know through that kindness they have considered carefully that the dog is right for them and will love and care for it in it’s Forever Home.



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