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The History of the Shelter

In 2009 we just had to convert our idea to help save countless dogs in Kill Stations and abandoned on the streets and in the countryside into a Reality.  It wasn’t easy to find a suitable place where we could bring them to feed, care and give medical assistance but we found it!  We put to work with all hands on deck, an abandoned house was found with some land, with our dreams of helping the dogs we gave time and money to convert a virtual ruin into a place suitable for Sheltering them.


 In 2014,  A massive fund raise was started and from people’s great kindness in the way of very generous donations we started to build the NEW Shelter from the Wind (Refugio del Viento).   Land was found and building started, today we have a fabulous  Shelter.  Enclosures house 2 large, 4 medium or 6 small dogs.  All have concrete floors, sun shades and their own little houses.   Males live with females in harmony.  There is enough land for them to run around also which they love to do.

Of course it isn’t Home but it is as good as it gets for Homeless dogs.

A huge Thank You to all who donated and worked to improve the dogs’ lives.

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