Give us a paw!!

Our 100+ furry friends will appreciate it

Would you like to help?

DIGITAL CAMERAIn an animal shelter we have many different needs, and therefore there are many different ways of collaborating. If you have the time, you can collaborate with walks, temporary adoptions or helping in the same refuge. If instead you do not have the time but you can help us with material things, you can also do it. Both collaborations are necessary and we want to put it as easy as possible so that among all we can make the lives of these animals happier while finding a permanent home.


We need people with experience in dealing with animals who can help us in their free time for cleaning, dog walks, support in organising fairs, events, markets, moving our friends to the vet and returning to the shelter, collection of Material and donations by neighborhoods and areas, etc.

Volunteers are a fundamental part of the global operation of the shelter, without you many things would not be possible.

If you speak Spanish, please contact, she is in charge of coordinating the group of volunteers. For English speakers please contact Sharon in the first instance:

Volunteers must be of legal age. You must complete a form that will be delivered the first day and deliver a photocopy of your ID.

Professional Supporters

Here, we detail everything we need to be able to keep the shelter in good condition and for everything to go smoothly! If you have knowledge in any of these areas and, most important, you want to help, contact us.

WELDERS, ELECTRICIANS, CONSTRUCTORS, and also people with “handyman” skills for smaller DIY, hanging shelves, fix a faucet, grease hinges, etc.

CANINE HAIRDRESSER: If you have some free time, show support with our furry ones, some of them need a bath and a good haircut to keep their fur in good condition.

PHOTOGRAPHER: We need pictures in which our furry ones look very handsome and fall in love with their future family.

ATTORNEY: We need advice on legal issues.

TRANSLATOR: If you dominate a language, we need you, since we are in contact with people from different countries.

And if you are not in any of these professions, but still want to collaborate, send us your proposal and we will evaluate how you can be useful, we are sure you will be.


Do you also want to support the Refuge on your wedding day?

From the Refuge we make a proposal: Instead of giving out the traditional favours to guests at your wedding, replace them with a donation card in favor of the dogs of Refugio del Viento. This way you will make the day special for you and all the guests, but also for all the furry ones that we maintain in the Refuge.

We currently have over 100 furry friends to feed and keep in good condition. If you decide to have this kind of memory, be sure that your favour will not end in a drawer, your reminder of that great day will become part of the memories of all the guests.

A thousand tail wags and a great woof for all who help us!


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