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Hi I’m Tesoro

She is a treasure. Her story is like that of many: her owners are separated and she does not fit into any of their plans.  She is seven years old, […]

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Hello I’m Silvia

She was rescued from the Street and taken to the safety of the shelter.  A little nervous but very sociable and loving.  […]

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Hi I’m Angel

Handed to the shelter with Parvo by an uncaring family.  After a week at the vets for treatment he survived and now very well and strong.  A lovely little dog. […]

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Hello I’m Ann

She was born in June 2016 and survived Parvo.  Now strong and very loving.  Will be a very faithful pet. […]

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Rescued from the dog pound and taken to the safety of the shelter.  Very friendly and sociable […]

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Hi I’m Tani

A beautiful little girl born in September 2017.  Very sociable and submissive.  Only needs love. […]

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Hi I’m Bonnie

Born in the shelter and later this month she will be 6 years old.  A very loving and sociable dog and she deserved a good home after such a long […]

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Hello I’m Scarlet

Rescued from the pound and taken to the safety of the shelter.  Very loving and affectionate, 6.5 kilos and probably born June 2017.   […]

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Hello I am Annet

❤️ ANNET ❤️ VERY GOOD, SOCIABLE AND ACTIVE AND GORGEOUS!! Another unwanted Puppy! Currently weighs 4.5 kilos and born 21 July 2017. […]

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Hi I’m Rex

Sadly his family could no longer look after him.  taken to the safety of the shelter.  Very sociable and friendly.  […]

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