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Our 100+ furry friends will appreciate it

Hi I’m Lucas

Lucas is male, born in July 2013, weighs 8 kg and measures 35 cm in height. Lucas has been in the shelter since he was a puppy and we want […]

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Hi I’m Binna a chocolate gem

I’ll introduce you to Binna. She is a medium-sized dog that was born in November of 2012. I arrive at the shelter along with her little brothers, as puppies. Bina […]

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Bel, ready for adoption

Bel is a medium-sized dog that was born in November 2012. Since then she has been with us at the shelter. She has a great character.     […]

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Hi I’m Punch

Punch is male, was born around December 2013 and weighs about 7-8 kilos. Punch is a bit shy, but loves to play with other dogs.   […]

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